Bitenshi: Tohoshinki 美天使 東方神起
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Here is a forum *made by fans* that is entirely based on DBSK. In our forum you can share your opinion on the band and it's members, participate in polls, and even have fun in our role playing section~ tell ur friends about it laaar~

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It takes 2 hands to clap, it takes 2 hearts to love

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Kuro Bara

Kuro Bara

Ch1 (since no1 is having fun on this forum ill hav it myself lol)

Ok this is my first fic please no bad comments Sad I tried my best and had help from my buddy (bro <3)
I'd like to know your opinion ^^

There will also be many chapters I hope.


- Hurry uppp!!! We are going to be late!

- Hai hai!!! I’m coming!

Akame Suzuki

18 years old

Amateur Model

I recently got a job in the modeling industry but not any industry, it is the most renowned in Japan. Demo….as unlucky as I am…on the first day…I forgot to wake up…and I'M ABOUT TO BE LATE!!!

- Run faster!!! We won’t make it in time!

Oh! And that’s my friend Hiro, unlike me, he is a stylist. Since we were small, we always wanted to enter in this world and somehow….we succeeded.

A: Gosh I really thought we wouldn’t make it in time

H: Who’s fault do you think it was? Someone FORGOT to wake up.

A : Well someone FORGOT to set the alarm clock.

?? : Late, late, late!!! You are LATE! You made me lose time already so hurry up, I’ll show you the place where you will be staying. My name is Nakamura, I will be your manager.

A/H: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

N: Ok. I don’t care what your names are, just show me you have talent and we will be on good terms. You two are a special case and will be sharing a room together because we are out of rooms.

A/H: Hai.

N: This is it. Your room is the last to the right. There are others models as you can see, make sure to not get in their way.

I was there….standing still with Hiro by my side. Never had we expected this kind of greeting. It had been fast, less than 30 seconds and we knew exactly what we had to do.

There were many chairs, pictures hanging on every single wall, magazines on the floor, and some clothes were left in some corners while others were neatly placed in a huge closet but overall it was simple. The walls were all painted in white and no curtains in front of the huge windows where you could see the whole city. But our eyes stumbled on a person right in the center of the place. The rest didn’t matter to our eyes, he had caught our attention and we couldn’t avoid gazing at him. The radio was turned on to the max and all we could hear was the breaths he was taking, and the lyrics flooding in.

Move it slow

Make sweet lovin’ to me

Let it flow

Oh you’re looking so sexy to me

Lose control

You don’t know what you’re doing to me

With my eyes and my mind

I forget about it

Mouth wide open I couldn’t tear my eyes off him. He was there, dancing smoothly in the center and not caring about the stares he was getting. His hips were moving at the rhythm, slowly…Moving his head from side to side with his eyes closed. It was as if dancing was to him the greatest pleasure. He was like an exhibition for us. I could of asked myself why he was doing that right in the middle of the place, but that didn’t matter. All I could see was him. Him moving to the beat, him who danced sexily to the song and not minding what reactions he was bringing upon the people staring at him. But then the music ended and his eyes met mine.

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