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List of available ranks

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1 List of available ranks on Tue Jun 24, 2008 7:55 pm

First of all...
(Please don't try to gain your rank by doing so.)
Ranks (lowest to highest, a special dbsk avatar will match the rank) :
-Viewer : 0 posts, recently joined.
-Casual : 50 posts, getting used to the forum.
-Member : 100 posts, considered as part of the forum
because of: amount of posts/engagement.
-Leader : 300 posts, an outstanding user of the forum
-Pro: 500 posts, rlly used to the forum,
more posts and he/she will be a mod!!!
-Mod : 700 posts, controls everything related to posts
(need to be approved by admins to be able to access that control)

-Admin : no number of posts required....because that is US!
*Kogata-sensei, Kuro Bara, Kuu-chan~ & Lia* <3

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