Here is a forum *made by fans* that is entirely based on DBSK. In our forum you can share your opinion on the band and it's members, participate in polls, and even have fun in our role playing section~ tell ur friends about it laaar~

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1Kogata-sensei Empty Kogata-sensei on Tue Jun 24, 2008 12:50 pm


Name : Kogata-sensei

Favorite color : Green

Interests : DBSK, Drawing, Writing, Graphism, Reading, etc.

Hobbies : Music, Drawing, Family activities

Favorite DBSK member : Hero

Favorite DBSK song : Purple line


Dislikes : Britney Spears

Comments : I speak french, so my English isn't very good..


Kogata-sensei Jaejoong343gu4

[I'm not a human, just a shadow that waits for the sun to appear, but the moon reigns..]

Kogata-sensei Sign_b10

Kogata-sensei Overco10

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