Here is a forum *made by fans* that is entirely based on DBSK. In our forum you can share your opinion on the band and it's members, participate in polls, and even have fun in our role playing section~ tell ur friends about it laaar~

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1 MIYA-CHAN'S AVATAR LAAAAAR~ on Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:17 pm

Ok the avatar and signature service is officially OPEEEENNNNN~

I'd like to start out the service with Miya-chan's avatar that i just made.
*this one is animated when u put it in ur signature and some other random

places on the forum* xD

This service will be available to all our members and I (and probably Kogata-sensei)
will be happy to make animated or photoshopped pics of DBSK for you.

Oh and btw all the crations will be available to everyone on the forum
(just mention that when you're takin one by leaving a reply =])

*Please no off topic pics because we dont have that much time*

nyappy~ 0(≧∀≦)0 DBSK + AnCafe 4 lifee <3

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