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The Black Rose/The exchange student

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1 The Black Rose/The exchange student on Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:45 pm

Written by Kuro Bara & Kuu-chan~

Author’s note (Kuro Bara) :
Alright you can consider this as my first/second attempt at writing a fanfic. Please forgive me for grammar errors and stuff i’m still a student and english isnt my first language >< i also dont really feel like writing neat here >.>…well neat enough so you can understand looool XD. I wrote another fanfic, not completed tho, but i wont post that one just yet ><. If ppl ask for it ill probably add it but WE (Kuu-chan and I) are planning to make a manga out of it sooooo please be patient nehl. Comments will be appreciated, i want to become better at writing fanfics so id like help here hehe.

Kuu-chan~ desuuuu~
First of all: Irasshaimase to our forum laar~
Uwaaaah this is really a nice project that me and Kuro Bara have started nee?
Minna-san, i thank you for your support in advance.
We both truly appreciate that you take the time to read our fanfic.
Please feel free to give us some constructive criticism and some comments on the story in general nyappy~ >w<


Storyline : A hard life…A new transfer student…and a stranger, what comes out of this?

Characters : They will be described in the story little by little (there’s also other characters but gomen i wont update them here neither the names because they might come out in the story out of nowhere haha).

Mina *fictional* (picture : Ayumi Hamasaki)

Kim Jaejoong

Black Rose/Stranger (???)

Here's a preview.


I woke up with my mom’s screams again. Today I’m going to school like any other highschool student. Of course my parents fight with each other but that doesn’t mean I don’t attend class. To be honest they never led a hand on me. I’m really grateful for that, who wouldn’t?
- Me : Itekimasu!
- Parents : Iterashai.
That’s right…they are really nice to me. All these thoughts take over me each morning. Without realizing it I always end up in front of school just like now. School is boring, always always the same thing over and over again. There’s nothing special about it. Yes I do have friends…but are friends THAT important and fun to be with? I honestly don’t think so. Probably because I always close myself to others. I never let them know my feelings. Why? I’m just like that. I was BORN like that. Can I change? The answer is…I don’t know.

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2 Chapter 1 on Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:44 pm

(Mina’s POV)

Here I am again, wandering in these empty streets at night like usual. I wonder why….Maybe because my parents are always fighting and I end up leaving them alone with their problems.
When I run off, I always go to the bridge where we can see the town’s biggest river. I really like walking near it…It is so peaceful…Being here makes my worries fly away. I sat down and stared at the moon like I always do. It is such a beauty that I can’t take my eyes away from it. It’s so bright, shining in its own loneliness. Sometimes I think she shares a connection with me: we are both surrounded by others, yet we don’t really fit in. Surrounded by so many stars and yet being unique. I am different from everyone. I want to be by myself and I believe that’s what attracts me to the moon. We are both destined to be alone in this world. I gently pressed my hands on the edge of the stone bridge and glanced blankly at the other side of the river. At that very moment, I noticed a shadow near the shore. I could only see it’s vague shape and I could distinguish it’s shoulder-length hair too. To be honest, I’d bet that silhouette is a boy. I don’t know why really. It’s aura told me that probably. I continued looking in that direction, until I noticed something in his hand. It was glowing. A black rose. The moonlight made it look surreal, almost ghost-like. Fear then took over me. I knew he was staring at me or perhaps even admiration in front of such a sight. I decided to flee the river …leaving the mysterious rose behind me.

(Next day)

I woke up because of my mom’s screams again. Now that I think about it…I didn’t actually sleep because of yesterday’s event. I even think that it’s a dream by now. It was all so blurry in my memory.
Today I’m going to school like any other student…even though I’m lacking a lot of sleep. Of course, there are problems right now at home, but that doesn’t mean I don’t attend class. To be honest, they never laid a hand on me. I’m really grateful for that: who wouldn’t? My parents fight with each other quite often. Always for the same reason: money. My Otou-san goes out every night to the casino and loses, each time, a great amount of money. It’s not like we are poor, or anything, but my Okaa-san still tries to stop him before it gets out of control. But…Otou-san always comes home drunk. So you can picture what happens now right?
Sometimes, I can’t even stand it anymore. I’d rather live in the streets. Yet, THAT happens all the time…Let’s take a look at an average day in my house.

- Tou-san: Kawaii musume~~ do you need anything? Papa likes what you're wearing right would look so good with a Louis Vuitton hand-bag nee? Papa is going to go buy it now~ GOOD GOOD VERY GOOOODDD <3 *hugs*

- Kaa-san: Mi-cchi do you want me to buy you that new perfume that came out today?? It would make you even prettier ne? kyaaaaah~~ you're so KAWAII..It’s no surprise since you're my precious musume OHHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO~

Hahh...but that's only once I get the morning I get another speech.


- Tou-san: HIMEEEE~ TAKE PAPA WITH YOUUUU uwaaaaaah~~ T_T

Argh..It’s so sickening. That’s right…my parents are really nice to me. So kind, that I can’t stand it after a while. After I get myself out of their clutches, I can finally go to school normally. Usually we have these conversations 5 or 6 times a week…if I’m lucky. =_=”
On with the story now.~

- Me: Itekimasu!

- Parents: Iterashai.

All these thoughts take over me each morning. Without realizing it, I always end up in front of school just like now. School is boring, always, always the same thing over and over again. There’s nothing special about it. I feel like going back home, even though my parents will be there arguing. I can’t stand being with other people. Yes I do have friends…but are friends THAT important and fun to be with? I honestly don’t think so. Probably because I always isolate myself. I never let anyone know my feelings. Why? I’m just like that. I was BORN like that. Can I even think of changing? I can’t think of an answer.

Tiffany and Seulgi are the only girls that keep coming after me. I don’t know how they can handle this personality of mine. They are kind of like childhood friends to me, but since I’m so introverted, I don’t see the difference between them and the other students.

- Tiffany: Minaaaaaa-chaaaaannn!!!!!!

- Me: Nani???

- Seulgi: No greetings???? *pout*

- Me: With your screams I thought something bad happened.

- Seulgi: Still no greeting???

- Me: Ohayo…Seulgi…Tiffany.

- Tiffany: Did you know there’s a new transfer student?!?!?!

Finally something interesting I guess…Unless it is a boy. The reason is simple. It is because they are annoying!!! Most of them look only at your appearance and they don’t care about anything else. They never talk to you if you’re not a queenka, unless they need something from you. I believe not all of them are like that, but in this school, they are. You probably know by now that I like to think things through.

- Tiffany: stop dozing off Nana!!! We’re going to be late!

- Me: I’m never late.

- Seulgi: Why are you always acting like this nee?

- Me: Because I am me.

- Seulgi&Tiffany: Geehhh….

Indeed, I am never late. I have this « talent » to get in class early no matter what.

- Sensei: Please everyone sit down! We have a transfer student today. Please get along nee~

- Random girl: I wonder if he’s hot. >w<

- Me: Is it a boy?

- Random girl: YEP!!! I asked Sensei earlier.

Wow! Isn’t this great? =_=" What i feared the most happened? This school keeps getting worse each day.

- Class: EHHHH?!?!

- Me: Huh? *looks at the student standing at the front of the class* isn’t that a girl?
(Author’s note: SOWWIE I didn’t want to write this but it explains the class reaction)

- Sensei: Please quiet down.

- Transfer student: My name is Kim Jaejoong. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Humm…nope that is not a girl. Quite muscular arms he got right there. >w< Oro?? What am I thinking??? O_o I must be going insane already because there’s ANOTHER guy in our class…great….

- Sensei: Jaejoong-kun, please take a seat beside Seulgi-chan.

Wait wait wait!!! If he sits beside Seulgi…he’ll be sitting next to me also!!!!


Take a look at this drawing of mine please. Here’s a representation of our classroom.
It’s not complete of course.
*not all the desks are on it*
I just want to show you my situation.
The new guy is the X!!!!

@@@@End of Pause@@@@

Okay so to be honest, I’m in deep trouble!!! GOD SAVE MEEEE!!!!

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3 Re: The Black Rose/The exchange student on Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:13 pm

Wohhh I love your fanfic^^ I like your vision of the moon.. and...<<


The rest plz Very Happy

[I'm not a human, just a shadow that waits for the sun to appear, but the moon reigns..]

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