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Antic Café~ nyappy~

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1 Antic Café~ nyappy~ on Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:51 pm

ok i just LOVE this oshare kei j-rock band <3
they're called Antic Café/Antique Café/An Café/etc.
any1 who likes the band==> wanna talk about them?? xD
n yeahh if u dont know about them here's a link for one of their PV's===>
they're so effin sickk i love theeemm <3

anywhoo nyappy~ 0(≧∀≦)0

Old An Café~2003-2007 (with Bou-chan)

New An Café~2007-Now (no Bou-chan T_T but Takuya+Yuuki <3)

personnally i love Yuuki & Takuya to DEATH...
but i RLLIE miss Bou-chan too T_T
doesn't everyone?? xD

nyappy~ 0(≧∀≦)0 DBSK + AnCafe 4 lifee <3

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